FireUserGroup September

Today I’m going to tell you how to Use Node to write a simple CLI application.

  1. Build the company’s internal npm environment, use CLI in internal environment to build up program quickly, to record selection and its demo, to input some simple command.
  2. Passing on the company’s technology by renewal CLI.

Welcome to SSW China FireUserGroup September event in Hangzhou. 🙂

FireUserGroup April

I showed a great example of using React with .NET Core and Alvin shared some industry examples by using Azure Cognitive Services! Cannot wait to see you guys soon next month! Please check the latest news from Fire User Group Official Website.

Welcome to SSW China FireUserGroup March event in Hangzhou. 🙂

FireUserGroup January

We are talking about the culture gap between Western and China appears in every fields.
My boss Adam will show you his thoughts of the difference between Western and China in UI/UX, it may explode your mind and make you understand more about Western thoughts in UI and the whole IT industry.

Welcome to SSW China FireUserGroup January event in Hangzhou. 🙂