Azure blob Transfer

After you know how to use Azure blob, Today I will tell you how to Migrate your data from one account to another.
We will use AzCopy to do that, you can get more info on Azure Storage Doc - Here

  1. You should download the AzCopy V10 executable file, you can place it anywhere on your computer. - Windows

    Figure: Let’s assume you put it at D:

  2. Get “Blob service SAS URL” of two accounts.
    You will find it at “Azure | Storage accounts | [Your account] | Shared access signature”.
    Just click “Generate SAS and connection string”, you will get the url under the button.

    Figure: Get “Blob service SAS URL”

  3. Use CMD to run AzCopy command
    3.1 Open CMD.
    3.2 Type d:
    3.3 Type azcopy copy “[Source Blob service SAS URL]” “[Target Blob service SAS URL]” –recursive
    E.g. azcopy copy “"" –recursive
    PS: Don’t forget add quote at your url.

  4. You can find the log file at your CMD

    Figure: The transfer speed is about 71MB/s

Thanks for watching.