Azure blob

Today I will show you how to use Azure blob.

If you’re not sure what Azure Blob is, or why you would use it, you can see more info on Azure blob - Here

Figure: Relation (As mentioned above, I would expand on this a little)

If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to sign up for an Azure account, you can register Here
Once registered, click “Portal” in the right corner

Figure: Go to portal

  1. Search blob at search bar, you will find the “Storage accounts” at the Services section

    Figure: Search blob

  2. Click “Add” in the left corner and fill in the required items

    Figure: Add account

  3. Azure blob need “Containers” and fill in the required items

    Figure: Add container
    PS: Pay attention to the Public access level

  4. Now you can upload file throw Azure panel or API (We might talk about this in tne next post)

    Figure: Upload blob

Thanks for watching.